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    Tony Robbins has been helping people for over 30 years to BREAKTHROUGH and take their lives to another level. He charges $500,000 for a speaking engagement, and my mentor just hired him to come and talk to us so we will have the best chance at being successful.

    This is amazing!


    Commissions start at a 80/20 Split

    Low $16,000 Cap

    Earn over 100% Commission*

    *Brokerage Revenue Sharing

    *EXPI Stock Awards

    ICON Agents can earn up to $16,000 in EXPI Stock based on meeting certain production and company culture goals*

    Work from Anywhere. Tech Support.

    Paperless Transactions

    Skyslope. KV Core CRM

    Extensive Training, Education, Collaboration and Support through Workplace and your eXp Cloud Office.

    eXp Referral Network

    Enterprise Dashboard to track all of your Transactions, your Commissions, your Stock Awards, and your Revenue Share.

    No Franchise Fees.

    No Royalty Fees. No Desk Fees


    Unlimited Growth Potential for both the Team Leaders and Agents

    Complete Alignment with Your Team’s Growth, Expansion, and the Millionaire Real Agent Development Cycle with you as their sponsor and business partner.

    Brokerage Revenue Sharing allows Team Leaders to confidently train and develop their Buyer’s and Listing Agents.

    Team On-Boarding Department

    eXp will award EXPI Stock and share Brokerage Revenue to the agents on your team who qualify*

    Mastermind with Top Producing Teams
    Grow Your Expansion Team both Nationwide and Worldwide

    Weekly ICONversations Sharing Best Practices from Top Producing Agents.

    Nationwide and Worldwide Collaboration with Top Producing Teams

    Real-Time Team & Broker Support

    Keep Your Own Brand, brokered by eXp


    Cutting Edge State of the Art Technology
    Nationwide Mastermind

    Eliminate Liability

    Skyslope Transaction Review

    Live Administrative Help

    Accounting Department handling direct deposits, corporations, and many accounting services.

    Real-Time Collaboration Tools

    eXp University for New Agents

    Agent Contract Trainings

    eXpand Mentor-Mentee Program

    20+ Hours a Week of Live Agent Training

    Weekly Leadership Meeting

    Leadership Conferences: Annual Shareholders Meeting, EXPCON and Mastermind Events

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    With Brent Shields as Your Partner

    Brent Shields has over 35 years of real estate experience, having sold over 400 homes. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from California State University at Sacramento. He is a licensed real estate agent at eXp Commercial in California

    Brent Shields DRE# 02107155