I signed up with LicenseSolution.com to take the required classes.

The “Enhanced Package” was $149 but I called and talked to Sabo and when I asked for a discount he said I could have it for $99 if I signed up on the phone right then.

The reason I picked that package was that it includes the “State Exam Prep” and some other sites charge $100 to $200 for just this prep, this is useful to actually pass the exam because none of the study and class material is on the state exam.

The date you sign up is kind of important because it starts your clock on the exams, and you can only take one exam every 18 days, so the day you sign up you will get three exam dates that are each 18 days apart.

My exam dates were set for 10-10-2019 for Practice, and I was 3 days late taking my first exam but it didn’t impact the other exam dates, so it looks like you could sign up and then wait and take all three exams at the same time if you wanted to.

After completing each course there will be an online final exam to earn your Certificate of Completion. The exam is “open book,” you can look up the answers in the course materials if necessary You will have 2 1/2 hours to complete 100 questions (all multiple-choice). You must score a minimum of 60 percent correct to pass. Upon passing your final exam, you may print your certificate.

After successfully passing the final exams for your three courses and earning all your certificates, you will attach the certificates to Salesperson Application form 400A, which you can locate and print from your student access page. Fill out the form completely and include a check for $60 and send the application to the address of the Bureau of Real Estate on the application form.

Your state exam appointment date will be set for approximately one month from the date the CalBRE receives your application. You can use that time to study for the state exam using their Exam Prep Solution.


Study this for the exam. DRE Reference Book. it will give you lots of definitions they use on the state exam.

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